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Kinki Earth Cables Are The Perfect Complement to Kinki Amplification And A Tremendous Value

I recently purchased a full loom of Kinki Earth cables (power cord, RCA interconnects and speaker cables) to complement my Kinki EX-M7 power amp, which uses a Lumin X1 as a source. My system is tethered to Vivid Audio B1 Decade limited-edition speakers in Rosso Red, only 200 ever made.

The addition of the Kinki Earth loom has dramatically lowered the noise floor, increased high frequency response and produced gut-impact bass. Also, I may now listen at lower volumes and still feel the full impact of music. While the loom sounded good immediately, a burn-in period helped immensely to reveal its full promise.

Bottom line: the Kinki Earth cables are the perfect complement to Kinki amplification and a tremendous value.  Check out the 6 Moons review, which gave the loom a laudable Blue Moon Award.


Review :


Credit: Michael . F.



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